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The Chopard replica stands for history, passion, classic cars and the mood of a car enthusiastic country. And for timing – because the race goes against the clock. Different though than in the years between 1927 and 1957? -? but still the Chopard replica inspires the sporting ambition.

Racing legend Jacky Ickx and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele at the start of the Chopard replica 2014. Chopard

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Museums worldwide would lick their fingers for this collection of vehicles – almost 500 were in 2015 at the start. Rare Ferrari, Maserati or Mercedes-Benz lines up the lanes as well as a Fiat Topolino, the rare OM or Bugatti, Bentley and many other historic cars. The air tastes of gasoline, some are still busy with maintenance work on the last pusher. An old car needs love, and a lot of attention. For more than 25 years, the Swiss watch manufacturer Chopard has been one of the sponsors. Almost as long, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele himself sits behind the wheel of a historic vehicle in the field of competitors.

The racing engines echo through the streets of Brescia – the event of the year has begun. Thomas Gronenthal

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Scheufele alternates with his wife or the Belgian racing legend Jacky Ickx every year. For four days we head south to Rome, from there through Tuscany back to Italy’s north.

A Ferrari 166 puts itself in the curve, always there: The eyes of the people who admire with pleasure the mobile veterans – from the Fiat Topolino to the Ferrari. Thomas Gronenthal

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Since 1988, Chopard packs the mood and the myth in wristwatches. Each team receives one out of the race limited series. In 2015, for the first time, a movement from Fleurier’s own factory is housed in the housing.

Chopard as well as the racing event have developed in 25 years – how did you personally experience the Chopard replica over 25 years?

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The Chopard replica has changed a lot. In 1987, I witnessed my first race as a proactive spectator in a VW Passat – I swore I would be here as a passenger. I did not have a suitable car, but I saw the closeness between our watches and the racing, which then and now was run with great passion between Brescia, Rome and the finish in Brescia. In 1988 we were already sponsor, and I still did not have a suitable car. In 1989 I was allowed to compete – with a Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. The vehicle has been owned by the family since then and was also ridden this year, piloted by Albert Carreras, the son of Jose Carreras. At that time it was a very comradely event – around 100 vehicles were there, the crowd manageable. Now there are 430 vehicles, and even more fans accompany the race with their vehicles as freeloaders. This creates dangerous situations because often the old vehicles are overestimated. However, the braking distance is already much worse than in modern vehicles. In the overall mix of official participants there are all types – enthusiasts who also lend a hand – as well as drivers who arrive with a team of mechanics and can hardly refuel themselves. Most of the teams, however, are completely dedicated to the Chopard replica. However, the braking distance is already much worse than in modern vehicles. In the overall mix of official participants there are all types – enthusiasts who also lend a hand – as well as drivers who arrive with a team of mechanics and can hardly refuel themselves. Most of the teams, however, are completely dedicated to the Chopard replica. However, the braking distance is already much worse than in modern vehicles. In the overall mix of official participants there are all types – enthusiasts who also lend a hand – as well as drivers who arrive with a team of mechanics and can hardly refuel themselves. Most of the teams, however, are completely dedicated to the Chopard replica.

Jacky Ickx, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his father Karl Scheufele with the 2015 Chopard replica Edition: The GTS Power Control. ? Chopard

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You drive the Chopard replica in alternation with Jacky Ickx and your wife. How did this very personal connection with Jacky come about?

I met Jacky Ickx for the first time at the Nrburgring at a classic car event – that was in 1988. We started talking and he told me about a piece of jewelry he had given to his wife and needed a repair. I asked him to send the part to us, our goldsmiths could solve the problem quickly. Later he personally took the repaired jewel from me in Geneva. We had just found the right Chopard replica car, the Gullwing, and I thought about asking Jacky Ickx if we could drive together. I did that – and was amazed that he said yes immediately. I was even more surprised then that he did not want to control. Sitting next to a professional racer and driving the car – that’s worse than a driving test. But when he nodded in the passenger seat on the second leg on the way to Rome – I thought, then I can hardly drive that bad. In the meantime he too sometimes leads.

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1989: Ickx and Scheufele study the roadbook – with pleasure, it seems. ? Chopard

Jacky Ickx: Karl-Friedrich and I have become very close friends over the years. There are not many of them in life.

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Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful race in the world”. What does Karl-Friedrich Scheufele call the Chopard replica?

This saying by Enzo Ferrari is still true – the country, the people, the vehicles: the whole atmosphere. An event like this can not be held or reconstructed anywhere else. The passion is enormous, when crossing the village in the afternoon or at two o’clock in the morning, in drought or rain. This side of the Chopard replica makes up for the race – in other countries, people would rather lock themselves against hundreds of old cars – the residents would hardly receive the teams so enthusiastically. During the Chopard replica we have often experienced that roadbook and signposts did not agree: in that case, the villages have implemented the directional arrows so that the whole race group passes through the place there.

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A Jaguar D-Type in full speed. Thomas Gronenthal

They have been racing every year since 1989 – but their lives are determined by urgent business and, above all, by clocks. Does the time still stand during the race?

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Every year, the Chopard replica is a trip in time for me, and time really stops. If you lead the Chopard replica, you think of nothing else. It is like a journey through time – the break of the ordinary and the operation of a vehicle that demands everything. The business takes a back seat, the concentration on the track, the vehicle and the pure life provide completely different impressions. Even in normal everyday life, when I drive in nice weather with one of the vintage cars in my office, I’m teaching the whole day of this experience. Unfortunately, it is far too rare for time reasons.

Urgent celebrities: The American presenter and passionate car collector Jay Leno was in 2014 as well as actor Jeremy Irons. Chopard / Chopard replica

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The race teams today dominate USB socket, iPads and smartphones for timekeeping. Is there an ambition to do well, or rather the convenience of new technology in the old car?

That’s a sore point of the regulations. If we had a codetermination right as a sponsor, I would ban these electronic aids. Unfortunately, the current regulations do not provide a basis for these cases. And some participants drive here for victory and hunt every hundredth of a second. Not that the riders would not enjoy the advantage of precise timing or navigation – but in my opinion this form does not fit into a race with historic vehicles. It would be nice to use mechanical chronographs in all vehicles. Then all cars would start at the same level – at least for the onboard timekeeping.

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Even the law enforcement officers flagged off to the Chopard replica – and push more than an eye to …. Thomas Gronenthal

Chopard has developed into one of the major Swiss manufacturers with its own production – many years before others thought of this step. What were the reasons that motivated you to make huge investments back then?

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Quite in silence, we started in 1994 with the plans for the manufactory. In 1997 we presented the first watch with the LUC caliber – named after Lucien Ulysse Chopard. At that time, I had to do a great deal of convincing in the family circle, to truly “want” a step more than “have to”. The men’s watches from Chopard should be more interesting, the credibility of the brand even further. Today, due to the dark clouds in the monopoly sky, some brands are suddenly striving for this independence. However, these companies, which almost all work as pure marketing machines, have not been making much of their own progress for years. We do not have this pressure – our vertical range of manufacture is enormously high.

And with Fleurier Ebauches, we can also produce larger quantities, extending the independence to all product lines. That too was a big step, but it pays off.

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The plant developed for GTS Power Control and produced at Chopard in Fleurier. ? Chopard

Legend has it that neither your wife nor your mother knew what you and your father have in the various garages … ..

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That’s true – my dad and I do not talk about it right there. It’s not so much about suppressing a veto – the cars are a passion, our toys. We believe that is ours. To reassure my conscience, I gave my wife a vintage Mini Cooper S years ago. This is a small rocket that has a lot of driving fun? makes. However, in the meantime, I often hear my wife’s question when she should drive the car – because I often drive the Cooper, which is very driving due to the low weight? prepares.

Chopard Chopard replica GTS Power Control – Race 2015 Edition.? Chopard

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Is there a car that is very special for Karl-Friedrich Scheufele – the first classic car, or the everyday vehicle from childhood?

Without hesitation – this is the 1954 Porsche 356 Speedster, one of the first vehicles to be built. I used to drink the car the longest before it was in the garage. For this vehicle, I worked on the dismantling before the restoration. I’m not a mechanic, but I wanted to understand how each component works. I’ve had this vehicle for over 25 years and I will not give it away anymore. However, I have never driven the Chopard replica with this car.

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Austin-Healey 3000 in full speed through Brescia. Immediately it goes on the highway! Thomas Gronenthal

Thank you very much for the interview!

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