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  FP promotes and defends human rights in Venezuela, by providing free legal assistance to people who have been arbitrarily detained.

  This work is carried out by lawyers, specialized in many different areas of legislation in Venezuela, and with extensive experience in matters of human rights, inside and outside the country.

Importance of Lawyers

  Our lawyers play one of the most important roles inside FP. Due to their work, we get to fulfill some of our purposes as a human rights NGO. An important reason why our lawyers are so efficient defending human rights victims, is the fact that many of them are specialized in litigation and penal law, with many years of experience in those practices, which is an asset for the organization. Our lawyers are all around the country and they are the visible face of FP.

  They are the voice of people who have suffered human rights violations, who put their trust in them. That is why FP exalts and recognizes the great effort that every lawyer of the team realizes, in the daily and constant fight for human rights in Venezuela and in the world.

Lawyers by States

  To be a member of our lawyers team it is necessary to start as an Active Defender. Then, our board of directors will evaluate the potential member, and following some protocols of actions they could be selected as a lawyer, based on their skills and expertise. To be a member of our lawyers team is necessary start as an Active Defender. Then, the potential member, will be evaluated by our board of directors, and, following some protocols of actions would be selected as a lawyer, based on its own skills and expertise.

  To organize the legal team as well as the assignment of causes, we consider the following structure and performance:

Senior Lawyers, who can be the Regional Coordinator or not. must be specialized in criminal/penal law and/or in litigation, with recognized expertise. The senior lawyer must be able to follow the general strategy of the organization, working together with the board of directors, creating specific plans for legal assistance, and also being responsible for the communications with local institutions and media. Also, the senior lawyer should prepare reports on the activities developed in their state, to the board of directors or to the Regional Coordination

Assistants Lawyers. Preferably specialized in criminal/penal law and/or in litigation, or students of the above-mentioned specializations, who must follow the instructions given by the senior lawyer or the regional coordinator. Must be able to carry out the daily negotiations before the judiciary, penitentiary or police authorities.

Non- professional assistants, Interns or legal apprentices could be designated to review case files or court records (Art. 149 COPP).

International representative. Some cases of human rights violations could be denounced to international instances (ONU, CIDH). In these cases, an international representative could be designated to accompany the local lawyers. In addition, a member of the national board of directors of FP must always assemble international representation.

Information updated on August 27, 2017

Lawyers Nationwide




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