Coordinators, Lawyers and Members of the Penal Forum of all Venezuela Respond to Attacks Against their National Directive


Coordinators, lawyers and members of the Penal Forum of all Venezuela respond to attacks against their National Directive

We, Regional Coordinators of the Penal Forum, Coordinators of Active Defenders, Lawyers and Volunteers, offer absolute and full support to the Directive of our NGO regarding the decision of the destitution as director and member of the Penal Forum of Alonso Medina Roa, to whom we respect for his work in the defense of Human Rights.

We regret that a former member of this NGO is issuing opinions that seek to weaken our work and obscure our principles, which painfully plays into the hands of those who violate human rights.

We believe that, like any organization, the Penal Forum is governed by statutes and guidelines that must be respected, given the credibility of our organization, which has been developed over many years with the perseverance, commitment, and conviction that characterizes us.

We know that the Executive Directorate does not make ill-considered decisions and much less for personal reasons. The north of our work can not be diverted by personal or political interests.

We thank Alonso Medina Roa for his dedication in the exercise of the profession and we observe with concern his deviation from the reason why we exist as Lawyers and Defenders of Human Rights.

The directors Alfredo Romero, Gonzalo Himiob Santomé and Robiro Terán, can count on our full support, that of our team of volunteers, lawyers, and active defenders to continue in the fight and defense of Human Rights, as well as for the freedom of all political prisoners, therefore, we will not rest until #JusticeIsDone (#QueSeHagaJusticia).

We persist!

Venezuela, March 1, 2018

Mariela Suárez – National Operative Coordinator

Julio Henríquez – Internacional Coordinador

Dimas Rivas – Aragua State Coordinator

Luis Armando Betancourt – Carabobo State Coordinator

Laura Valbuena – Zulia State Coordinator

Patricia Borjas – Bolívar State Coordinator

Raquel Sánchez – Táchira State Coordinator

José Armando Sosa – Monagas State Coordinator

Lucía Quintero – Barinas State Coordinator

José Reyes – Falcón State Coordinator

Abraham Cantillo – Lara State Coordinator

Fernando Cermeño – Mérida State Coordinator

Gabriel Gallo – Yaracuy State Coordinator

Alberto Iturbe – Miranda (Altos Mirandinos) State Coordinator

Adriana Nápoles – Miranda (Valles del Tuy) State Coordinator

Rossana Carreño – Anzoátegui State Coordinator

Olnar Ortiz – Amazonas State Coordinator

Néstor Gutiérrez – Cojedes State Coordinator

Pedro Arévalo – Nueva Esparta State Coordinator

José Torres Leal – Portuguesa State Coordinator

Daniel Salazar – Sucre State Coordinator

Rafael Maldonado – Trujillo State Coordinator

Wiecza Santos – Apure State Coordinator

Pedro Troconis – Lawyer

Carlos Zerpa – Lawyer

Luz Febres – Lawyer

María Fernanda Torres – Lawyer

Rachel González – Lawyer

Katiuska González – Lawyer

Mariana Ortega – Lawyer

Jesús Marcano – Active Defenders Coordinator (Caracas)

Orlando Moreno ­– Active Defenders Coordinator (Monagas)

Marisol Rivero – Active Defenders Coordinator (Zulia)

Diana Fernández – Active Defenders Coordinator (Mérida)

Valentina Fernández – Active Defenders Coordinator (Anzoátegui)

Silvia Barroso – Active Defenders Coordinator (Nueva Esparta)