CRISIS EN VENEZUELA. BULLETIN 80- 01 To 08 April, 2019


CRISIS EN VENEZUELA. BULLETIN 80- 01 To 08 April, 2019

The road followed by PSUV for taking for taking Juan Guaidó out of the political game- Transparencia Venezuela –

Repression for silencing protests for water and energy- PROVEA –

117 detained for protesting the lack of energy and water– Foro Penal –

HRW exhorts ONU to respond before humanitarian emergency in Venezuela– Codevida –

Venezuela suffered the biggest blackout within the process of deterioration associated to the Complex Humanitarian Emergency– CIVILIS Derechos Humanos –

In dictatorships, democracy has no respite- Defiende Venezuela –

Institutional collapse and humanitarian emergency- Acceso a la Justicia –

Paramilitary forces’ attacks against civil population are lese humanity offences– Bloque Constitucional –

We exhort international organism to watch over the proper functioning of institutions in Venezuela– Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

CIDH granted caution measures to Luis Carlos Díaz-Espacio Público –

Can we talk on elections in Venezuela?– CEPAZ –