Crisis in Venezuela. Bulletin No. 53- From 3 to 10 September, 2018


Bulletin No. 53- From 3 to 10 September, 2018

A window for the Defense of Venezuelans’ Rights- Defiende Venezuela. Government pretexts sanctions for not fulfilling payments of the External Debt- Transparencia Venezuela. Corte PenalInternational Penal Court: the Venezuela case- CEPAZ. Serious immigration crisis rapidly mutates to migratory catastrophe- Bloque Constitucional. Sheer Injustice: the Requesens case- Acceso a la Justicia7.324 persons are unfairly submitted to penal processes in Venezuela- Foro Penal Venezolano. “I will go on being a Defender until my country lives a coherent situation”- Civilis Derechos Humanos. Seniors defeat blackmailing via Fatherland’s Card- Provea. Codevida thanks for the Quito’s Declaration on human mobility of venezuelans in the region- Codevida.