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What is an Active Defender?

  An Active Defender is a person who, independently of their profession or job, joins the Foro Penal network for the promotion, education and defense of human rights in Venezuela.

Importance of Active Defenders

  The Active Defenders fulfill an important and fundamental role inside our organization, and for the communities that we serve.
An Active Defenders must always be peaceful, as violence is not accepted under any circumstance.

 There are four (4) tasks of an Active Defender:

1. Education: To promote the understanding of human rights in their communities through chats, forums, workshops, seminars, visits to schools, and any activity to pursue this objective.

2. Defense: To defend human rights that may be considered under attack, by attending the victims of state repression, engaging in pacific methods and non-violent protest.

3. Support: To provide support in locating the people arrested and those who require assistance from Foro Penal. To organize events in support, as long as such events have been authorized

4. Promotion: To continue to echo the actions and initiatives initiated by Foro Penal.


The process to become an AD with FORO PENAL is as follows

-Registration: To become an AD you must register at the Foro Penal website, fill the required fields, and indicate the areas where you can collaborate.

-Confirmation: After the registration, review the information, and submit the data. The prospect will receive a confirmation e-mail.

-Contact: The AD coordinator of the area will contact and incorporate the new ADs into the group and its various activities.

-Training Workshop: The newly registered AD must attend a Human Rights Training Workshop, where he or she will obtain a certification.

-Swearing-in: After the training, there will be a swearing-in ceremony with Foro Penal.


Members by State

Active defenders nationwide

(Information updated on December, 2018)


Active defenders outside the Venezuela

(Information updated on December, 2018)




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@ForoPenalENG: Political Prisoners in #Venezuela as of May 4th, 2021. Report by @ForoPenal There is a Total of 307 #PoliticalPrisoners This information is published on a weekly basis and it is sent to @Almagro_OEA2015 and @UNHumanRights to be verified and certified. #infographic #figures
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Balance de #PresosPoliticos en Venezuela al 04/05/2021 por @ForoPenal: 𝗧𝗼𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗼𝘀 𝗽𝗼𝗹í𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗼𝘀: 307 Hombres: 285 Mujeres: 22 Civiles: 181 Militares: 126 Adultos: 306 Adolescentes: 1 #Infografia #Balance #4My @Almagro_OEA2015 @ONU_derechos
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#5My Hoy se cumplen 4 años de la muerte de Ecder Lugo el 05/05/2017. No lo olvidemos #QueSeHagaJusticia Más información sobre su caso, aquí:
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