UCLA Delivered Order on September 22 to the Venezuelan Penal Forum


On this opportunity, the main honorees were the representatives of non-governmental organizations, which have worked in defense of human rights in Lara State, as it is the Venezuelan Program for Education Action in Human Rights Provea, Movimiento Comité de Víctimas contra la Impunidad, the Civil Association Justice, Solidarity and Peace, and the Venezuelan Penal Forum.

As well as the work of the Venezuelan Association of Cattle Breeders Carora, among other personalities, were recognized. In addition, the governor of Lara Henri Falcón received the order in his first class and took the opportunity to confer the order Jacinto Lara to three members of the university community of UCLA, among them Dr. Aura López de Ortega, Carmen Estrada, and Mario Vergara, teacher, administrative and worker respectively.

“This is the most important recognition granted by the university on its anniversary.We are celebrating but at the same time we continue working for the country, in a difficult situation that has touched us during the last seven years, with an insufficient budget, but we are used to so we keep moving forward, it is a commitment of UCLA,” said the rector of the university, Dr. Francesco Leone.

Por su parte, el gobernador Henri Falcón,expresó el compromiso que significa recibir tan importante distinción de la UCLA. “Todos sabemos del esfuerzo científico, intelectual y académico de nuestras universidades, pero especialmente de la UCLA, con quienes hemos tenido estrecha relación. Es un momento especial y más que un compromiso es una lucha de siempre junto a la universidad, en una mancomunidad de esfuerzos para superar los momentos de crisis aguda que vive el país”.

For his part, Governor Henri Falcón expressed the commitment that means to receive such an important distinction from UCLA. “We all know about the scientific, intellectual and academic efforts of our universities, but especially of UCLA, with whom we have a close relationship. It is a special moment and more than a commitment, it is a constant fight along the university, in a commonwealth of efforts to overcome the moments of acute crisis the country is experiencing. “

The celebration of 51 years of UCLA will continue on Thursday 26 with the inauguration of the pictorial exhibition “Amigos” and the private collection of UCLA at the Rafael Monasterios Art Gallery, at 7:00 in the evening.

Source: El Impulso